Trump and Macron, can’t see the trees for the posturing


Following the news that the symbolic ‘friendship’ tree that Macron and Trump planted at the White House had died in quarantine in the US, Macron was keen to say that he would send another tree.

“It’s no big drama,” Macron told Swiss television, indicating that although the tree was given as a token of the friendship between France and the US, the dead oak is not indicative of the up-and-down relationship between the two countries.

Macron was squirming when the Swiss presenter forced him to answer Trump’s question ‘Why don’t you leave Europe?’.   “Was he provoking you, or does he really think that?” the presenter asked Macron.

The French President fumbled: “I do not know. It is up to him to answer that question…What I do know is that Europe is a space for multilateralism.”  Interrupted by the Swiss host who pressed: “But when he told you that, when he tells you something so big, what do you think?”

“Well no” was not the most confident answer seen from Macron in recent months.  “Today we are 28, tomorrow we may be 27, but we are together.”

Source: CNN, The Express video, Le Monde