Tuesday and Wednesday canicule weather in Occitanie

Between 5am and 8am Tuesday morning

Tuesday is set to be another hot day in Occitanie, with temperatures already at 27 degrees by 8am in the morning in some parts of the Tarn and Gard, and 25 degrees on the coast.

Between 2pm and 5pm Tuesday

At the hottest parts of the day, west Occitanie will see temperatures of 40 degrees or more, and in east Occitanie degrees of between 30 and 37 are expected.

Overnight on Tuesday temperatures are unlikely to drop below 20 degrees, with an average of 25 degrees.

Wednesday will be the hottest day of the week for much of the region.

During Thursday clouds will rise, culminating in wide-spread storms, currently forecast for Friday.

Between 2pm and 8pm Friday

Source: France Meteo