Umami, Montpellier


UMAMI is the 5th flavour following salty, sweet, sour and bitter.

I have been here for both lunch and dinner and each time it has been an amazing food experience, everything is served with flair and creativity.

Both times I got the Bibimpap Umami, which is a boxed plate filled with the 5 tastes.  For the appetizers, I’ve had the fish and shrimp raviolis and the salmon bites.  The ice cream is fantastic and they have a great wine list too.

You may even get lucky and have the Chef, Amélie Young Min, come to your table to welcome and talk about the food.  She blends a mixture of her native South Korea, while ideally marrying Japanese culinary culture and the products of her adopted country, France.

The space is light and comfortable, but note they are not open on the weekends, only Monday night through to Friday night and serving lunch Tuesday to Friday.  Be sure to make a reservation.

15, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Montpellier, France 
04 67 92 75 95

By Leo Teatero