Vendres rugby stadium gate falls on little girl


The Vendres rugby stadium in Hérault was under the spotlight on Monday after an accident has left a little girl fighting for her life.

The 10 year old girl was playing near the big entrance gate with a group of other children, when the gate fell off its hinges and hit her.

She was badly hurt, and was unconscious by the time the Dragon 34 helicopter arrived to take her to hospital.

“I am totally devastated”

Jean-Pierre Perez, the mayor of Vendres said “I’m so upset. I don’t know what to say. I was with the girl’s parents a while ago. They can’t believe what just happened. One moment the kids were playing by the gate, and maybe it was pushed too hard, but it fell on the little girl.”

An investigation is underway, and multiple witness statements are being gathered.

Source: Midi Libre