Victor Dury school is paying the price for cost cuts

Ce lundi 20 janvier des parents d'élèves ont manifesté devant l'école Victor Duruy à Perpignan. / © Joan Lopez/FTV

On Monday, there was a strong police presence at the Victor Dury school in Perpignan, where shots were fired just after midday on Friday.  Parents of students were demonstrating outside the school, after what is the second shooting within a few days in the Bas-Vernet district.

Parents demanded that it should be possible to bring their children to school in safely and without fear.  The police station near the school has recently closed, and parents are saying that they are now paying the price for these cost cutting exercises.

A psychological unit has been installed in the school for everyone in the neighbourhood, and a security guard is now at the gates full time.  City services have already raised the walls with concrete blocks, and the gate will soon be replaced by a more secure system.

Source: France 3