Video shows police striking protestor on ground


Prosecutors have opened an inquiry after a riot police officer was filmed punching a protestor who was on the ground at a demonstration on Saturday. A police union spokesman said the video has been taken out of context.

The footage, filmed during a gilets jaunes protest, shows a man with a bloodied head being held down on his back by a helmeted officer who strikes him hard in the face.

The police oversight body has been instructed to launch an investigation into “intentional violence by a person in a position of public authority.

Stanilslas Gaudon, of the police trade union Alliance told France Info radio station that the police decided to arrest the man because he kept attacking officers at the demonstration.

Gaudon says before the man could be handcuffed, the police realised he was bleeding from a head injury.

have Aids, you will die’

When the officer tried to attend to the injury, the man on the floor spat blood into his mouth twice, telling him: ‘I have Aids, you are going to die.”

Gaudon said people should not rush to judgement until the IGPN, which investigates accusations against the police, has completed its work.

Source: RFI, BBC, Youtube