Violence, injuries and arrests during a tense demonstration in Montpellier

La police a repoussé puis nassé les manifestants dès le début du rassemblement. / © S. B. / FTV

Violence erupted in Montpellier during the Saturday gilets jaunes demonstrations.  There were 12 arrests, and several people were injured.

Act 52 of the movement took place in a very tense atmosphere right from the outset, at 2pm.   Police made use of tear gas between the Place de la Comédie and the station, and according to witnesses, the police charged at the 1,000 strong crowd for no reason.  Six protesters and three police officers were injured.

Helmeted and hooded protesters wearing gas masks threw smoke bombs and firecrackers at the CRS.

Police water cannons were deployed at rue de Maguelone at 2.30pm.

In total, the police arrested twelve people, and at least seven of them have been held in police custody for alleged “violence” and “rebellion,” according to a police source.

Source: France 3