Violent crash in Figueres kills 7; 3 from region


A violent collision occurred in Catalonia early on Saturday morning, just 18 km from the French border. Seven people lost their lives including one from Carcassonne and two from Perpignan.

New information has been coming thick and fast.

The driver of the France-registered VW Golf (pictured, if you can recognise it as a Golf) was driving without a license. It was withdrawn on 10 December for drink-driving and speeding.

Aged 22, the man was from Perpignan. Spanish investigators have also discovered that the other passengers of the vehicle, in which 6,570 cash in euros were found, were known to the French justice serice for acts of theft, drug trafficking and contempt of court. Their alcohol level was not disclosed but two bottles of vodka were found in the Golf.

Two of the passengers in the Golf, Moroccan nationals, were brothers residing in Carcassonne. They were between 20 and 22 years old.

No seat belt

The circumstances of the accident are now reasonably clear: the French group were driving south, travelling above the speed limit on this stretch of this accident-prone road, not wearing a seat belt.

The driver lost control of the vehicle in the wet, on the exit from a corner. They crossed to the wrong side of the road where they collided with a Dacia coming towards them in which there were a driver and two passengers. The two passengers were killed instantly.

Jordi Jané, director of the Department of Interior of Catalonia, announced that the driver of the second vehicle seriously injured in the collision was now “stable”.