Vive la rentrée!


The first day back to school after the long summer holidays is this Monday. The shops have been full of school supplies for the last two weeks, and “La rentrée” is on everyone’s lips.

Grandparents who have been heavily relied upon during the school holidays can now breath a sigh of relief as they are allowed to get on with their lives.

Typically, this is also the time that shops decide that summer is now over, outdoor cooking stops, and as from Monday it will be impossible to buy a bag of charcoal.

Here are the dates for the school year and holidays in 2018/2019 for Occitanie.

Vacances de Toussaint (autumn holidays): From Saturday October 20th to Sunday November 4th. Return to school: Monday November 5th

Vacances de Noël (Christmas holidays): From Saturday December 22nd to Sunday January 6th. Return: Monday January 7th

Vacances d’hiver (winter holidays): From Saturday February 23 to Sunday March 10th. Return: Monday March 11th

Vacances de printemps (spring holidays): From Saturday April 20th to Sunday May 5th. Return: Monday May 6th

Ascension holiday: Thursday May 30th, Friday May 31st, Saturday June 1st.

Summer holidays 2019: July 6th