Walks for Life 2020


By Cancer Support France – Languedoc

This year CSF-Languedoc will be holding its tenth annual Walk for Life, but for this year only, as a result of the Covid 19 crisis, newly entitled Walks for Life.

Not to be thwarted by these uncertain times, a dauntless team at CSF-L has devised a flexible and fun new format for our ever-popular annual fundraising event, Walk for Life.

The 2020 event proposes that smaller groups of friends and families organise individual walks or cycle rides of their choice – which can be known and loved, or new and unexplored – of any length and on any day between 1st and 27th September. This new format allows for anyone to take part, wherever they are.

Although we can’t Walk for Life together as usual this year, we hope that as many people as possible will don walking boots/cycle shorts one day in September, wherever they may be, in honour of close friends and family who have been affected by cancer.

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen funding needs exploding on all fronts, and has led to a collapse in donations to La Ligue Contre le cancer not seen since World War II.  The research projects initiated and funded by La Ligue bring about significant advances in the treatment and quality of life of people with cancer throughout France. To support the work of this important Association, we propose to donate 50% of all funds raised during this year’s WALKS FOR LIFE to La Ligue Contre le cancer Comité de l’HÉRAULT.  Please give generously!

This is how it will work this year:  we invite people to organise their own group of walkers (at the time of writing a maximum of 10 people is still the recommendation), and on a September day of their choosing, and in an area of their choosing, walk (or ride, if that is the preference) in CSF colours (blue and white) in memory of those close associates who have been affected by cancer.  We ask the individual group organisers to register with us, make a donation of 10 euros per person over 14, and, afterwards, send in photos and a route map for us to make available to others who also love the outdoors.

It is your generous support of events like this that allows us to have a team of around 20 trained Active Listeners providing support to over 40 clients at any one time.

To register, please click on this link.