Watch out, petrol pumps are changing


On October 12, changes are planned for the labelling of the different fuels at petrol pumps in France, across the EU and Turkey, Norway and Iceland.

Petrol pumps will now show letters and numbers instead of “unleaded” and “diesel”.

Don’t get caught out, do your homework now!

The letter E will stand for “Unleaded 95” and “Unleaded 98” followed by a number. 5 is 5% biofuel, 10 is 10% biofuel, and 85 is Superethanol. So E5, E10 and E85 respectively.

Diesel will start with a B (go figure), followed by 7 or 10 depending on the amount of biofuel. XTL identifies synthetic diesel. So B7, B10, XTL.

Hydrogen fuel will be H2, and LPG will be liquified natural gas.

During the transition, the old name will be shown against the new name. Pay attention, it’s an expensive job to remove the wrong kind of fuel from your car tank, especially if you’ve driven it before noticing that you’ve bought the wrong one.