What changes in August?

More water restrictions are inevitable

It’s the beginning of the month again, and each month there are changes in France.  What changes can we expect in August?

Water restrictions

Water restrictions are likely to get tighter as the heatwave continues.

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Greener car aid help has changed

Financial aid for switching cars has been too successful, so conditions are changing

There has been a bonus in place in France, where you can apply for help for changing your car to a greener version.  The system has been so successful that the budget of €600 million has been exceeded by another €300 million.

The government has introduced new conditions, namely:

  • Only vehicles that emit less than 117g/km of CO2 emissions rather than 122g/km will qualify for the financial aid.
  • If you have a yearly income of more than €13,489, you won’t qualify for the help.
  • If you are buying a green car, but it costs over €60,000, you won’t qualify.
  • The amount of aid you can receive is going to be reduced.

You can find more information here.

Grants for parents

Educational expenses can be tricky for parents who are hard-up.  Grants are available (allocation rentrée scolaire) , and this year they will be paid out on 20 August.

Gas prices

The price of gas will drop by 0.5 percent from 1 August.

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Fuel is getting cheaper

The price of fuel has been getting falling since July, and it’s likely to remain that way or drop more in August.


There will be a 1.23% rise in electricity prices in August, so not everything is getting cheaper.


From mid-August, it will be possible to make changes to your tax assessment.  You can do this on-line, or by resending the tax application, together with a letter explaining the changes.

Summer sales

The last of the summer sales are still on, but be quick if you’ve missed out.  The sales are due to end on 6 August.  If you’re in the Pyrénées-Orientales, you have until 13 August to get your bargains.