What changes in December in France

In an unusual move, SNCF has already began cancelling trains. Photo: Photo by JACQUES DEMARTHON / AFP

Every month, there are changes in France.  Here’s what we can expect in December.


National strikes are starting on 5 December, and public transport is likely to be badly affected.  National operators will publish timetables of strikes and cancellations, so keep an eye on those if you are expecting to travel during December.  SNCF and bus companies have promised to publish their timetables by 3 December.


SNCF are changing TER timetables starting 15 December.  Check for your local changes on their website.

Tax declaration

You can make amendments on your tax declaration up to 17 December.  Go to the website here impots.gouv.fr, if you think you have made a mistake and need to change it.

Gas prices

Following months of lower prices, Enfie gas are increasing prices by 0.1 percent for customers who use gas for cooking, 0.3 for cooking and hot water, and 0.6 for customers who use gas for heating their home.


For most of France there is only one public holiday in December, Christmas day.  This year it falls on a Wednesday, most people will be back to work on Thursday.  The exception to this is Alsace and Moselle, where 26 December is also a holiday.

School holidays are 21 December to 6 January.