What changes in France in April 2019

The prices of certain dental treatments are now capped as from Monday. ILLUSTRATION / PIXABAY

What are the planned changes in France for April 2019?

Medical care

Dental treatment price caps

The price of some dental procedures has been capped.  A zirconia crown now must not exceed €480, and a metal-ceramic bridge is now set at a maximum of €1,485.

Cancer victim’s wigs are now price controlled

There are now price controls for wigs for cancer patients, and more reimbursement is available.

Free medical care

There is a change to the ceiling for the Couverture maladie universelle complémentaire (CMU), from €8,810 to €8,951 a year for a person living alone.  For a couple living together, the ceiling is now €13,426.

Gas prices

Gas prices are lower this month.  They fall by 0.7 percent for those who use gas for cooking, 1.3 percent for those who use gas for cooking and hot water, and a bumper 2.2 percent for those who use gas for heating.  If you have a small boiler, then the prices will fall even further, by 2.5 percent.

End to the winter break

There is a period in France where tenants cannot be evicted for non-payment of rent or bills, otherwise called the ‘Trêve hivernale’.  This finishes on April 1.

Car services

Car mechanics are now obliged to offer the option of using second hand parts to fix car faults.  These could be up to 50 percent cheaper.