What changes in France in March 2020


Every month there are changes in France.  This is what we can expect in March.

Clocks spring forward

Don’t forget that clocks go forward on March 29th, as we enter into summertime.  That means that you’ll lose an hour’s sleep, but the evenings will feel longer with more daylight hours.

Gas prices drop

Gas prices will drop by between 1.2 percent and 4.8 percent.  If you use gas for heating your house, you will see a 4.8 percent drop; if you use gas for cooking you will see a 1.2 percent drop, and if you use gas for both, you will see a 2.7 percent drop.


Local elections will take place on 15 March and 22 March.

International Women’s Day

Sunday 8 March is international women’s day.  Several cities will be hosting marches.


Cigarettes have finally reached the target price of €10 a pack, as the last increase to acheive that goal happened on 1 March.

Moped licence changes

The oral exam is going to be replaced with a 40 question questionnaire on 18 March.  The practical exam will be extended from 30 minutes to 40 minutes, and the points pass rate system will change slightly.  Drivers will need to get 21 out of 27 points to pass.

Pension reforms

The subject continues to be controversial, as the government stands firm on the issue. Unions took to the streets in several cities on Tuesday to protest about the government’s choice to adopt the pension reform bill without a vote in Parliament.  We can expect more strikes and action following this decision.


As at 3 March, 204 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in France, and four people have died.  The government announced the closure of 120 schools, and events with more than 5,000 people are being cancelled.