What changes in France in October


Changes this month include more financial help for single-parent families, another rise in gas prices for Engie customers, a drop in salary contributions for unemployment insurance, more help for low income or unemployed adults, and petrol pump changes.

Single parent childcare

From October 1 2018, there is an increase of 30% in allowance given to single parents for the individual care for a child under six years of age.

The financial aid applies for single parents requiring the services of an at-home nanny, a babysitter, or a small crèche. Depending on the number of children and the number of hours of childcare, this means that monthly aid could rise by up to €250 per month.

Gas prices

Gas prices for customers of utility company Engie are to rise by an average of 3.25% in October, affecting 4.5 million households. The rise will include 1% for those who use gas to cook, 3.3% for those who use it to heat their homes, and 2% for those who do both.

This is the sixth consecutive month of price rises.

Salary contributions

Employee contributions for unemployment insurance disappear completely in October, which will mean more take-home pay for workers.

Salary contributions for the insurance had already dropped from 2.4% to 0.95% in January, but employees will feel the benefit more this month, as January’s drop also coincided with a 1.7% rise in social security contributions.

Digitisation of public contracts

From October 1, businesses or associations that seek to win a public contract worth more than €25,000 have to bid and communicate electronically. The decision on contracts will also be sent electronically.

Once a contract is awarded, the official signature of acceptance will also need to be electronic, replacing handwritten signatures completely.

This last stage will be phased in over a transition period, to allow businesses to obtain the necessary electronic signature certificates.

CAF increases

The allowance known as the CAF increases by €20 in October for unemployed people over 18, or those on very low incomes.

Taxe d’habitation

Taxe d’habitation is set to decrease by 30 percent for most households for their main residence.

If you can manage to wade through the detail, this government document may shed some light on whether your taxe d’habitation is set to go down this year.

Emmanuel Macron has pledged to eliminate taxe d’habitation by 2021.

Petrol pumps

From October 12 the labelling on a petrol pump will change. See this article for more details.

Source: The Connexion, Midi Libre, Impots.gouv.fr