What happened in Occitanie at the weekend


The first cotton fields in France are in the Gers.  Three young Gers farmers have launched the first production of cotton flowers from France. The fibres grown in Montreal-du-Gers then transformed into shirts, which can have the badge made 100% in France.

Louis Lareng founder of Samu has died aged 96.   Professor Louis Lareng created the first emergency Samu operation in Toulouse in 1968.

A 77 year old man was knocked down on the A9 near Narbonne.  The man was walking on the edge of the motoway at the time of the accident, he died as a result of his injuries.

Fires in Béziers: a minor aged 15 has been placed in custody for arson at a school, and will be judged in court this week,

The Amélie storm left 7,000 households without electricity in Hautes-Pyrénées and Haute-Garonne.

According to a report by INERIS, out of 25 sites analysed in the Orbiel Valley, 10 have higher than normal levels of arsenic. Picnic areas, playgrounds and football fields are now unusable.  A plan of action by the State must be launched for the cleanup operation.

A suspect was arrested after the discovery of the body of a man in the forest of Bouconne near Toulouse.

Two floating wind farms should see the light of day by 2021, one off Gruissan and Port-la-Nouvelle, the other off Barcarès and Leucate. As part of this project, a crowdfunding campaign has just been launched.

About 300 people were demonstrating this Saturday in Saint-Victor-et-Melvieu in Aveyron against the project of a mega electric transformer by RTE, subsidiary of EDF. Police used tear gas.

Two men presented themselves at the police station at Nîmes following the aggression of the elected official, Yoann Gillet. They were indicted for aggravated violence.