What happened in Occitanie on Monday

Tapis fabriqué à la Manufacture de la Savonnerie de Lodève / © FTV

The exceptional carpets made in Lodève are in the spotlight in Pierrevives, Montpellier. The exhibition focuses on the techniques of the creators of these unique pieces for the palaces of the Republic.  The exhibition is on until 18 January 2020.

There was an earthquake on Sunday between Bagnols-sur-Cèze and Vénéjan in the Gard.

The Toxalim laboratory of INRA in Toulouse shows the harmful effects of pesticides on human health.  By crunching an apple, drinking a glass of wine, or eating a loaf of bread, you ingest molecules of various pesticides: cereals, vines and orchards are each treated with several different products.

Several complaints have been lodged over the last months for sexual assault on minors under the age of 15 in Carcassonne. A 67-year-old suspect was identified and arrested on Friday. He was remanded on Sunday. The investigation continues.

Students from the Paul Bousquet Sea High School in Sète, Hérault, have raised concerns about the future of oysters in the light of pollution and rising temperatures.

Two individuals fired shots on Sunday night at a pizzeria in Toulouse. The owner of the pizzeria was injured.  Police maintain that the owner was specifically targeted.

Every first Sunday of the month, the priest at Bernac in the Tarn celebrates a mass for babies who suffer from the pain of emerging teeth.  The church has a relic of Saint Apolline who is supposed to relieve pain. Parents from all over the region are taking their babies for the ‘cure’.

Weather-wise, overall the week is bright, except for Wednesday when we can expect showers.  Overall though, there is a significant drop in temperatures, and you’ll be reaching for a jacket in the mornings.