What happened in Occitanie on Monday

35 % des sans abris à Toulouse sont des femmes, selon un récent recensement. / © Le Camion Douche

Since 2015, Le Camion Douche has offered two mobile shower units for women living on the street in Toulouse.  A successful crowdfunding campaign means that a third unit can be installed.

Frontignan fuel depot was blocked for several hours on Sunday night and Monday morning.  A combination of railway workers, gilets jaunes and unions successfully blocked the depot until they were broken up by police at 10am on Monday.

At the Montpellier Academy, at least 25% of primary school teachers will be on strike on Tuesday 10 December.  While the strike support was virtually zero on Monday, nearly a quarter of teachers have decided to strike on Tuesday against the pension reform.

The mayor of Toulouse, Jean-Luc Moudenc, has presented the 71 people on his list for the 2020 elections.

Rail traffic will still be very disrupted throughout the network on Tuesday.  SNCF are suggesting that travellers should postpone their journeys.

The funeral of starred chef André Daguin took place this Monday, December 9, in the cathedral Sainte-Marie d’Auch. Nearly 1,000 people paid tribute to the famous restaurateur, who lifted the Gers gastronomy to a high level.

Shots broke out on Monday morning in Saint-Jory, north of Toulouse, during a brawl at the entrance of a residence under construction. The circumstances of the incident remain unclear.  The gunman has not yet been found.  The man who was shot is now out of hospital.

A 39-year-old woman from Béziers, has been in anguish since she discovered that her contraceptive implant, placed in her arm, has migrated to her lung. She is at risk of a pulmonary edema.  She is in discussions with her lawyer.

On the occasion of the 100th birthday of the Aveyron painter Pierre Soulages, the Louvre has devoted an exhibition in the Salon Carré from Wednesday, December 11 until March 9, 2020. Coming from New York, London and Rodez, twenty or so of his most beautiful works will be exhibited.

Gilets jaunes are in court this week over the destruction of the Narbonne tolls in December 2018.