What the Occitanie papers said on Wednesday

A drunk individual was arrested on Saturday night in Tarbes

A drunk individual was arrested on Saturday night in Tarbes for drink driving.  As police were looking the other way he stole their car, activated the siren, and insulted the police through their megaphone.

Last weekend an Uber driver in Montpelier witnessed a sexual assault in the back seat of his car.  Instead of taking the man to his destination, he drive straight to the police station and delivered him to the police.

Laure Vitou is suffering from leukemia and must undergo an urgent bone marrow transplant. Doctors are looking for Occitanie donors, preferably men under 35 years of age.

A 73-year-old man, suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, left his home in Bordères-sur-l’Echez in the Hautes-Pyrénées, on the night of Sunday to Monday. The police at Tarbes have launched a call for witnesses.

A man from the area of ​​Moyen-Vernet, Perpignan has been given 27 years in prison for  strangling his wife who wanted a divorce. The tragedy occurred in early November 2016. A 26-year-old woman was badly beaten by her husband at home, after she learned of his homosexuality.  She later died of her injuries in hospital.

A shopping centre near Lodève, in the Hérault, has set up a system for depositing plastic bottles. By bringing back empty plastic bottles, the customer can benefit from discount coupons or make donations to several associations.

On Tuesday, the temperatures in Occitanie plummeted by nearly 10 degrees in 24 hours. The thermometer didn’t exceed 18 degrees, and the average was 15 degrees.  This was one of the coolest temperatures pre-September 15th since 1948.

The students of the Paul Valéry University have made their return to Montpellier, before the main courses start next Monday.

The Airbus group headquartered in Toulouse requires an inspection of several helicopters following a crash in Norway. It is a simple precautionary measure according to the manufacturer.

The needle fish is a close cousin of the seahorse.  The fish has adapted to the waters in the Etang de Thau, near Sète, where it is multiplying.  The presence of these fish is a sign that the lagoon waters are healthy.

The University of Toulouse is looking for teddy bears. They will be analysed from every angle during the European researchers’ evening on 27 September. The objective is to understand what makes them comforting.

In Carcassonne, seven years after the death of a homeless man, a German seventy year old appeared before the Aude Assize Court. The accused, with a long history of justice in his country, has always pleaded self-defence.

A mother testifies: “Teen suicide remains taboo because it’s dramatic, it’s brutal, it’s violent.”  A mother chose to testify on this world day of suicide prevention. She lost her 16-year-old son a few months ago and believes that free speech is needed on a subject that remains taboo in France.

Pastel d’Eau is the name of a microscopic alga that a Toulouse company has created to strengthen the recovery of sports people.  Originally found in a lake in Oregon (USA), this blue algae is now produced in the laboratory in Toulouse.

SNCF and the Occitanie Region are offering a new reservation service dedicated to the care of people with reduced mobility. Free, it exists in 48 stations for journeys on TER liO trains, only in Occitanie.