Winemakers crowdfund for grapes


A group of winemakers in the Aude have launched a crowdfunding campaign – to buy grapes after losing their harvest to bad weather.

The 15 vintners, who grow grapes on 40 hectares of land lost 80% of their harvest for the year when their vines were badly hit by a cold snap at the end of April. Now, they hope to raise €30,000 via crowdfunders Ulule to buy the fruit they need so they can stay in business.

Almost all the grapes in four vineyards were destroyed, while another nine were badly affected.

Vintners said that for the first time in 30 years at that time of year, the temperature in the region dipped below 0C for several nights. Winemakers said that about 20,000 hectares of budding vines were hit. In some areas, 100% of this year’s harvest was lost.

Significant damage to peaches, apricots, apples, pears and cherries have also been reported, as the frosts bit when the trees were budding.