Women’s urinals have arrived in Occitanie


A company near Toulouse are stocking women’s urinals to rent out to festival organisers.

The urinals are called Lapee [no, it’s not April Fool’s day. Ed], and this summer they were installed for the first time in France, at the Summer Vibration festival in Sélestat.

Lapee is the first 100% female urinal, created in Denmark.  Occitanie company Terréo, based in Colomiers, near Toulouse, have 19 employees, and will be stocking them and renting them out for festivals in the region.

The Lapee doesn’t need water or electricity, so they are ideal for festivals.  They are more hygienic, and quicker to use so the queues will be cut down significantly.

They do not have doors, so the issue about drug taking in toilets will also be minimised.  It remains to be seen whether the lack of privacy will prevent people from using them, or whether the hygiene and speed issue will outweigh the privacy issue.

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Source: France 3, Midi Libre